Okay, technically, this is an announcement of an announcement, but I
figure since people probably don't check out the site too often these
days, it would be a good idea to let it be known that I have started
working on a new writing project.

I'm not quite ready to divulge all of the details. The project is still in its
infancy, a lot is bound to change in the coming months, and quite
frankly, there isn't much to share in the first place. But please enjoy the
sparse details that I am ready and willing to share:

• It is a full-fledged novel. One that you will, most regrettably, have to
pay for. I would love to write more, but my current job does not give
me ample time to do that. If I can make some cold hard cash with my
writing, that will allow me to work less and write more, which in the
long run, is what all six of my readers want.

• It is not a continuation of The Final Frontier. That ship has sailed.

• I have not yet transitioned into writing romantic comedy or anything,
so if you read The Final Frontier, you have a fair idea of what is to
come. I'm crafting a brand new science fiction story, set in my own
universe. The characters will be deep. The plot will be overly
complicated (it is, trust me). Stuff will blow up. And chances are good
that it will be a pretty good read (that you won't regret spending your
money on).

• I'm hoping to be done with the story in 2018. Late 2018. And you know
how I am with release dates, so think 2019.

Since I don't expect you to visit this place daily in search of new details
(which aren't coming any time soon), please drop me an email so that I
can add you to my new and improved update list.